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Top 10 Best Cricket Players Of All Time

Top 10 Best Cricket Players

Here is the list of the top 10 best cricket players which have influenced the history of cricket.

1. Sir Don Bradman

Top 10 Best Cricket Players

Donald Gorge Bradman was commonly known as “Don Bradman”, who played for Australia as a captain and is considered as one of the most impressive cricketers of all time. He made a remarkable career with a test average batting score of 99.93. it is reported that Donald Bradman has many marvelous achievements in major sports which any other sportsman has not achieved.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

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Sachin Tendulkar, a man with 100 centuries in his career, the man who scored more than 34,000 runs in his ODI’s and tests, this man is Sachin Tendulkar. Still remembered as the greatest cricketer India ever had. He made his country proud every time he is on the field, and this is what makes him the astonishing player in the history.

3. Gary Sobers

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Gary Sober is well known as the greatest cricket of all time. The way he played and maintained his performance on the field is remarkable. He just makes the audience joy with his stroking ability.

4. Vivian Richards

10 top best cricket players

Sir Vivian, the West Indian cricketer. He is famous for his ODI career. The way he had played the ODI, no other player has ever played. Vivian Richard has managed to score 8540 runs in 121 test matches with an excellent average of 55. Nowadays, Vivian is playing his role as a commentator in cricket.

5. Kapil Dev

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Kapil Dev, an Indian cricket, the name which is written in bold letters in the history of Indian cricket. He is the one who took the World Cup to his country and made his country proud. He is an all-rounder with extremely mind blowing batting and ball skills.

6. Imran Khan

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Imran Khan the diamond which came from Pakistan, played boldly for his country and managed to win World Cup in 1992. He is well-known for his captaincy skills, the way he managed the team and took away the title of World Cup. He is ranked as the number one cricketer in the history of Pakistan Cricket.

7. Lan Botham

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Lan Botham, the remarkable all-rounder. He is the most talented cricket which came up from England. He was the captain of England in test matches. He has an impressive career with a career score of 52000 in all the three formats (ODI,Test,T-20)

8. Dennis Lille

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Dennis Lille is considered as one the best fast bowlers of all time. He belonged to Australia. He is also elected as the most popular cricket as he had a big fan following.He also has an attitude that says that “I will fight for my country till the last of my breath”

9. Jacques Kallis

top 10 best cricket players in history

Jacques Kallis, the man who played for South Africa. He was a quality player with an immense talent of cricket in him. He played proudly for his country and set an overall career score of 24000 runs

10. Muttiah Muralitharan

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Muttiah Muralitharan, a man with a flood of the ball spinning talent who appeared from the Sri Lanka. In Cricket, he is known as “Ruler Of Spin Ball”

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